8-Bit Theater
Episode 128
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The Acid Would Be Healthier
Date Published Friday, March 15th, 2002
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The Light Warriors die in the vat o' acid, or do they...

Cast AppearingEdit



SaraAh, hell. Let's just drop 'em!

The Light Warriors are dropped into the acid.

White MageThis is awfully sticky for acid.
Black MageAnd not... oh, what's the word?
Black MageYeah.
Sara scowls at Garland.
GarlandBut-but-but I... that's impossible! I filled the vat of acid myself!
SaraWhich is precisely why you will be severely punished for this incompetent display.
GarlandMaybe it's a very slooooow acting acid?
ThiefKinda tastes like Mountain Dew...
SaraWell, Garland. It'll be fitting when I kill you slooooowly, won't it?
Meanwhile, in the backyard of the Temple of Fiends...
Four Forest Imps are carrying a can of Mountain Dew.
Forest ImpKeehehehehe!


Mountain Dew is a famous brand of soft drink in America.

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