8-Bit Theater
Episode 133
Episode 0133
Garland and Batman must shop at the same stores.
If You Did See It Coming, You Might Be Psychic (JOKE COMIC)
Date Published Monday, April 1st, 2002
Previous Comic Episode 132: If You Didn't See It Coming, You Might Be Blind
Next Comic Episode 133-A: But Not A Very Good Psychic If You Didn't See This Instead.
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Garland blows up the Universe.

Cast AppearingEdit



Black BeltReady to give up, or shall I pummel you some more?
GarlandFool! Did you actually think that you could defeat the mighty Garland so easily?!
GarlandComputer, activate Omega contingency!
Black MageOmega's on the what now?
Cut to a computer room.
Computer Omega Protocol
Reactor core
meltdown initiated
5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
Cut to outside.
Computer 0
A light shines out of the Temple of Fiends.
It explodes with a giant KA-FOOM!
And then the universe exploded.
Frame showing the universe exploding, with the Temple of Fiends clearly labelled.

In retrospect, someone really should've thought to save just in case something like this happened.

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