8-Bit Theater
Episode 141
"Bum Bum BUMM!"
Date Published Monday, April 22nd, 2002
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The Light Warriors pilfer Garland's remains.

Cast AppearingEdit

First Mention OfEdit

  • DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNN! (or Bum Bum Bumm in this case)



Black MageAll right, what did you morons manage to pilfer from Garland?
FighterWe've found a dilly of a pickle of a mystery!
Black MageDon't talk like that.
It sickens me.
FighterMaybe you can help us solve this mystery!
Black Mage...
Stop saying the word "mystery."
Black MageI am so not in the mood for this...
Black MageCould one of you rocket scientists tell me what general stupidity here is going on about?
Red MageLooks like BM got a natural 20 on his sarcasm roll.
ThiefI believe I can shed some light on this mystery.
Black MageCan we please stop saying "mystery" for like ten seconds?
Red MageHey, gang! I just found a clue. We're closer than ever to solving this mystery!
Black MageDammit!
ThiefWhat'd you find, RM?
FighterAnd does it back up my insightful intergalactic ghost theory?
Red Mage holds up a newspaper.
Black MageWe're about to witness an inverse relationship between the number of stab wounds I inflict on you and the number of answers you start giving me.
Red MagePlease, allow me to enlighten our fellow Light Warrior, Black Mage.
I might finally get some use out of this orator skill.
Red MageIt's quite simple, really. Fighter, Thief and I were going to pillage any goods, valuables, swords, or stat-boosting items found on Garland's person. Since he was a boss character after all, it's not unusual to expectr that he might've been holding something that could have proven useful to our quest.
Red MageHowever, what we found instead has shocked and horrified us to our very cores!
Red Mage holds out Garland's armor.
Red MageAll that remained of the dread knight Garland was his armor! Bum bum bumm!
Black MageYa don't have to say 'bum bum bum', it's implied.
Meanwhile, deep in the heart of Imp Forest...
Four Forest Imps are laughing at Garland, who is completly naked save for his helmet, his hands covering his genitals.
Forest ImpKeeheeheehee!
GarlandHelp me.

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