8-Bit Theater
Episode 145
Episode 0145
Arachna-dude, Arachna-dude.
Does whatever a dude would do.
Opening Weekend Delight
Date Published Monday, May 6th, 2002
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Spide-- Arachna-Dude saves the day.

Cast AppearingEdit



ThiefAny plans for when we get back to Corneria this weekend?
Black MageI dunno. That Arachna-Dude movie looks pretty cool.
Red MageDon't you mean spid--
Arachna-Dude swings in from a web and kicks Red Mage's armor off and sends Red Mage flying.
Arachna-Dude He said "Arachna-Dude". Let's leave it at that, hm.
Red Mage lands on the floor with a THUD.
Arachna-Dude Captain Pajamas, Sticky-fingers. I leave him in your hands.
Arachna-Dude Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to single-handedly save a film genre.
Arachna-Dude swings away.
ThiefWell that was certainly unexpected.
Black MageI wish I had Arachna-powers.
I would dispense death from the skies.
Red Mage walks back to Thief and Black Mage with his hat off.
Red MageWell, at least I got that armor off.
We ought to find Fighter and that princess and get out of here already.
Red Mage(out of frame) It shouldn't be difficult to find either of them, really. This is a rather simplistic castle, Black Belt's navigational powers not withstand...
Thief and Black Mage snicker and laugh respectively.
Red MageWhat are you laughing at?
Black MageNice hat-hair, pal.
Time passes for a frame...
Red Mage(walking away) You guys totally suck.
Black MageRemember, kids. With great power comes great opportunity to abuse that power.
Brian Clevinger'Nuff said!


  • Black Mage is referring to the Spider-Man film which was released three days before this episode was released.

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