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Episode 147
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On the Way Back
Date Published Sunday, May 12th, 2002
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Sara and the Light Warriors are on the way back to Corneria.

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Black Mage, Thief, Red Mage, Fighter and Sara travel through the Imp Forest walking in that order.
Black MageFinally. Man, it felt like we were in that castle forever
Red MageAnd yet it would seem that the Sun hasn't moved an inch in all that time.

They laughed when I spent my precious points on astronomy, but who's laughing now!


Everyone looks at Red Mage.
Red MageAhem. Sorry 'bout that.
Sometimes I go mad with power. It's one of my crafty character faults.
And I'm sure we'll never have to worry about it kicking in at inopportune moments.
Black MageYeah, what're the odds?
ThiefThat's just crazy!
FighterGood ol' RM, betray us? Never!
Sara(thinking) What fools these Light Warriors be.
Red MageNot to criticize our formation, but aren't we walking in the exact opposite order that we should be for random combat?

I mean, from a purely practical standpoint, putting our weakest characters in the very front is the tactical equivalent to rolling a botch on the chart to determine how bad you botched your to-hit-bad-guy roll. No offense, Black Mage.

An exponential decay graph of Damage against Each turn shows, with Black Mage at near the peak of the graph and Thief, Red Mage and Fighter further down the graph.
Black MageNon taken, point-dexter.

(writing in his small scroll) Heh heh, "Point-Dexter" I am on a roll!

Anyway, this is how I see it
It's a short walk, so we won't run into a random encounter.

Hell, they're random aren't they? So how often could they possibly happen? Like once every couple of days, at best, right?

Red MageOh great heavenly DM in the sky, we're screwed!
Black Mage takes a step forward.
Black MageYeah, whatever Point-Dexter... heh, man, that's funny.
Dramatic Pause...

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