8-Bit Theater
Episode 149
Episode 149
I much prefers the cinnamon, meself.
No Good Can Come of This
Date Published Friday, May 17th, 2002
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Red Mage has yet another plan. Run for cover!

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Black Mage(dazed) I likes a spot o' honey in me mornin' tea.
Black Mage(dazed) I want a Pony Pincess doll, Mumsie.
ThiefAll those who think that BM has been officially bonked out of commission, say aye.
Red MageAye!
ThiefClose enough. As the legally binding leader of the Light Warriors(TM), I command Red Mage to come up with a another of his trademark daring and brilliant plans.
Black Mage(dazed) Sing along with the Snorks!
Red MageNo problem, Thief. Except I'm going to need some time to fully articulate my latest master plan of victory.
In the meantime, you'll have to distract our giant friend.
ThiefHow am I supposed to do that?!
Red MageYou're a thief. Use your high charisma score to wow him with your witty reparte!
ThiefOf course! If I can sell ice to ice giants, then distracting this bafoon should be child's play.
Black Mage(dazed) durrr
Thief(scratching his head) Let's see, let's see... gotta distract this giant for a few minutes... hm, I need something topical and entertaining...
ThiefI've got it.
A priest, a giant, and a giant priest walk into a bar...
Thief(out of frame) Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...
Red MageCarry the two...
FighterDon't worry, Princess Sara, we'll be rid of this giany in no time. Red Mage's plans always work out.
FighterWell, except for his plan to get us weapons before our quest began. Or his plan to kill those werewolves in Imp's Forest. Or his plan to jump Garland in the guest-dungeon before he could kill us.
SaraOr his plan to free you guys from the vat of acid.
FighterBut how do you know about that?
SaraWell, it's quite simple-- Amnesia dust, ha!
Sara throws "amnesia dust" in Fighter's face.
FighterI think it's just talcum
Sara(interrupting, eyes glowing red) Amnesia dust!
FighterWho am I, where am I?


  • Black Mage's "Sing along with the Snorks!" Is taken from the theme song of The Snorks, a television show which ran on NBC from 1984 to 1986.

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