8-Bit Theater
Episode 156
Episode 156
Unless your veins are huge and you can actually bleed to death at about the same speed anyway.
Cutting to the Heart of the Matter
Date Published Monday, June 3rd, 2002
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The Light Warriors are defeated, but at least we have Evil Good Princess Sara.


Cast AppearingEdit


Giant(out of frame) WHAT YOU DO, LITTLE HU-MAN?
Sara(out of frame) What I do is going to make you wish you were smaller so that you could bleed to death faster.
SaraYes, our size-centered quips are hilarious. But now you have to die.
Sara takes Fighter's sword and walks towards the giant.
SaraExcuse me Fighter, but I'm sure you won't be needing this.
I'll only be a moment anyway. You'll never know it was gone.
Sara(out of frame, to Giant) Get a good look at this sword, pal. 'Cause it's the last time you'll see it not drenched in your own innards.
FighterHigh stamina... helping consciousness... return. Third person narration... also helps.
Sara(out of frame) SHEEEAH-LALALALA!
A large amount of blood splashes the trees and the Light Warriors.
FighterDid you guys see that?! Princess Sara... sword... superb technique... Fighter in love.
The giant's decapitated head fall on Black Mage, Thief and Red Mage.
FighterAnd I am certain that this bloodbath isn't at all characteristic of her.
SaraShwa! (Think Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style post-ass kickin' pose)
A large, bloody heart drops at the corner of the comic.

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