8-Bit Theater
Episode 158
Episode 158
It's hard to tell whether this is good or bad so far.
Unfamiliar Ceiling
Date Published Friday, June 7th, 2002
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Black Mage and Fighter find themselves in a bedroom, but thankfully they are not sharing the same bed.


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In a room at the inn in Coreria, Black Mage is sleeping on the bed.
Black MageSnore...
Pie... monster... it eats... mages! Must run... must get away...
Black Mage wakes up.
Black MageGah!
Black MageWhew. It was only a dream. Something about a pie monster that ate mages. And it was...
Black MageGIANT!
Black Mage(scratching his head) Hmm... maybe that whole Giant thing was a dream too.
Black MageBut then, dreams don't leave you with giant club-shaped bruises and a massive headache.
Black MageHeh. Getting eaten by a giant pie monster must be one of the more gruesome fates the Gods can deal out.
Fighter(out of frame) Hey, Black Mage! Check it out. We're still alive!
Black Mage(muttering) Though worse ones do come to mind...
Black MageSo now we know that we're not dead. Now we should find out where we are.
Black MageThe answer, I believe, is clear. The giant beat us within an inch of our lives. Then, while we were unconscious, he spirited us away to his giant home--perhaps atop a magic stalk of some sort--whereupon he ate Princess Sara, Thief, and Red Mage. Thusly stuffed with the delicious meats of our comrades, he put us into storage.
FighterGasp! But wait, this looks more like a hotel room than a food pantry.
Black MageHmmm... you're right. And since it's just be stupid for a giant to have human-sized rooms in his castle...
He's obviously cast a giant spell on us!
FighterBut... wait. If we're giant-sized, then that means swords are no bigger than toothpicks to me! Toothpicks, BM, toothpicks! I can't very well go around saying "I like toothpicks," now can I? It makes no damn sense! I'm a fighter, not a... food stuck... toothing... guy! I don't eat corn on the cob, what do I need with toothpicks! No cob, Black Mage! Cob-less! The kids could call me "Fighter 'No-Cob' McGee" and if McGee were my last name then it would be perfectly accurate!
Time passes...
Black MageAre you quite finished?
FighterI was thinking I should run around in an idiotic panic.
Black MageI ain't stoppin' ya.
Fighter runs around in an idiotic panic out of frame, shouting unintelligible phrases.


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