8-Bit Theater
Episode 165
Episode 165
Theological musing fail
Lookin' Out for Number One
Date Published Monday, June 24th, 2002
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The Light Warriors reach Prontera and debate the nature of gods.


Cast AppearingEdit


Just outside the gates of Prontera.
Red MageWell, looks like we've made it to Prontera.
FighterThey must spend a lot of money on landscaping. This place looks 32-bit!
Black Mage32-bit? BAH! That's the kind of crazy talk I'd expect from a mental defect like yourself. Everyone knows that the gods are only made of sixteen. What could possibly occupy this alleged thirty-two bit realm?
FighterI dunno. Don't the gods believe in something?
Black MageYeah, zapping people who ask questions with big answers. So shush.
A 16-bit ram-demon with a scythe suddenly appears.
BaphometBaphomet speech Ahem. Excuse me, gentlemen.
Thief jumps to the back of the group, leaving Black Mage in front of the demon.
Black Mage(thinking) I hate Thief.
BaphometI am Baphomet--Lord of Demons! I have come to this pathetic mortal plane on behalf of Chaos. I am looking for the Light Warriors that I may slay them before they gain power to stand against my master! It was foretold that they would be here.
Are you they?
FighterOh yeah, we're the-- (Black Mage covers Fighter's mouth) mrph mahbulas.
Black MageShut up!
Black MageYou'll have to excuse him, he's an idiot. He meant to say is that the Light Warriors are hiding in this very town.
BaphometThen I must burn this city to the ground.
Black MageWell, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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