8-Bit Theater
Episode 167
As BM puts it: SUCKS TO BE THEM!
What What Goes Up Must Come Down
Date Published Friday, June 28th, 2002
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Prontera meets a grisly fate and the Light Warriors get off scot free.


Cast AppearingEdit


Picture of a massive mushroom cloud and the word "KA-FOOM!".
FighterWell, there went Prontera.
Red MageThousands of lives lost in the blink of an eye.
ThiefThere'll be no evidence that their city ever was.
Black MageHm? Oh yeah. Uh, right. So...
Black Mage(closeup with fingers pointing) Sucks to be them!
Silence from the other Light Warriors.
Black MageWHAT!
Red MageIn any case, we'd better be on our way, the rains are nigh upon us.

There ought to be a cave north of here where we can stay.
Black MageRain? You're crazy. Those aren't clouds, it's debris.
Red MagePrecisely. And where do you think all that airborn debris, including parts of people, is going to be when it lands?

Personally, I'd like some cover.
Bloody rain now falls upon the characters.
Black MageSo where's that cave again?
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the overworld...
Black BeltI think we're getting closer.
White MageWhat tipped you off?
Black BeltI'd have to say it was the blood raining from the sky.
White MageI was being rhetorical!

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