8-Bit Theater
Episode 169
Episode 0169
Knowledge shall light way!
Is it too late to go back to the darkness of ignorance?
Inside the Mysterious Cave
Date Published Thursday, July 4th, 2002
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The Light Warriors are confounded by darkness.


Cast AppearingEdit


The Light Warriors are walking in a dark cave.
FighterMan, it is stupid dark in here.
Black MageHold it. I refuse to be part of a society that encourages rampant abuse of its own language.
FighterFair enough. Ahem: Man, it is hella dark in here.
Black MageNow was that so hard?
Fighter(Fighter hits something with a THUNK! ) Ouch!
Red MageHey, what's the hold up?

Are you fighting up there? Are you hogging my experience?

Stay away from my experience points! Daddy needs his medicine!
Fighter(kneeling) Er, you can have this experience if you really want it. I stubbed my toe on somethin'.
Red MageOh, aheh. Yeah, stubbed your toe...

On account of all the darkness about.

Sorry 'bout freakin' out.
FighterIt feels kinda ancient...
Red MagePerhaps it is a very small yet hardy Cthonian entity?
ThiefOr treasure! I can smell the riches from here.
Black MageOr I could cast a level 9 light spell so we can see.
FighterAnd it's smooth.
Red MageA level 9 light spell? I've not heard of such a thing.
Black MageYeah, it's called "Hadoken." It would expose this cave to daylight by way of a massive explosion.
FighterI think it's got holes...
Red MageI'll cast a normal light spell, if you don't mind.
Black MageWait, you really have a spell that's not directly related to insane min/max-ing?
Red MageHeck no. I've got a glass-blower skill of 4 with a specialization in lenses.
Black MageAh yes, I figured you blew something. Heh, heh, man I'm good.
Red MageGive me a furnace and three hours and I'll give you a laser beam powerful enough to carve your face in the moon with only a 0.3% margin of error.
FighterWell someone turn a light on so we can see what it is!
Red Mage creates a Flash of Light complete with graphic.
A skull can be seen along with fighter in the resultant circle of light.
FighterTurn it... turn it off again.
The circle of light disappears.
ThiefAs team leader, I say that we should run away.

For the record, screaming in terror will not be looked down upon.

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