8-Bit Theater
Episode 176
Episode 0176
Fighter must have been listening to Bryan Adams' "Straight from the Heart", "This Time", and "Cuts Like a Knife."
I’m Partial to Styx
Date Published Wednesday, July 24th, 2002
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Matoya gives the Light Warriors a side quest, all while making silly puns about poison.


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MatoyaI hope I haven't poisoned your opinions of me!
Because I'd hate to have poisoned our future dealings.
Bwa ha hahahaha... oh!
Ooh, ooh! Guess my favorite '80s band. Go on, guess.
Black MageGee, I don't know. Could it be... Poison?
MatoyaNo, it's Warrant! Guwa hahahaha!
Matoya(rolling on floor, laughing) Oh Gods, my wit is absolutely poisonous!
ThiefA more accurate statement I have not heard in recent memory.
MatoyaOh, I'm sorry boys, really.
It's just that I am a witch and, well, honestly I don't get many hapless passersby 'round these parts.
Y'know, what with the giants and the werewolves and all.
MatoyaBut seriously I've poisoned you for a reason.
Red MageWell that's good to know.
MatoyaI need you boys to go out into the horrible world and find my crystal ball.
MatoyaI'd get it myself, you understand, but I'm completely blind without it.
ThiefBlind, eh?
MatoyaI'll save you from the gruesome details, but suffice it to say that when a demon comments that he's like to see things through your eyes, he's not speaking metaphorically.
Anyway, assuming that you don't die from the teaming monster hordes or the poison I've given you, I'll reward you for your trouble.
ThiefReward, eh?
FighterI'm sorry to hear about your troubles, ma'am, but we're on a really important mission to save--
Fighter falls to the ground with Red Mage's sword, Thief's dagger and Black Mage's knife in his back.
Red Mage Shut up! We're going to get--
Red Mage--Quest XP! It's like leveling up for free!
Thief--Money! It's like stealing for free!
Black MageIf you have to ask why my knife is also in his back, then you're not paying attention.

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