8-Bit Theater
Episode 178
Episode 178
All we need now is the lion
A Little Bit of Confusion
Date Published Monday, July 29th, 2002
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Fighter gets what he wants. Sort of.


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Red MageWell, I guess we oughta get goin'. Y'know, before the poison kicks in and we die.
Black MageTsk, you don't have to yell.
FighterOh great and powerful Matoya! I beseech you.
MatoyaOh my! I haven't been besought since the '70s!
FighterTell unto me that which is the location of the most fabled Armor of Invincibility within thy cave!
Black MageFighter must be as dumb as Red Mage is stupid.
Red MageHey!
Black MageI just calls 'em likes I sees 'em.
Anyway. That moron still thinks the--
MatoyaOh, that old thing? It's right over here collecting dust in the corner. Why do you ask?
MatoyaI've been wanting to get rid of that clunky old thing for years now, but it's so heavy with invincibility that I can't even budge it.
Fighter(out of frame) Well, I could take it off your hands if you really don't want it.
If you could see Black Mage's face, well, you'd go insane. But just before that, you'd see that his mouth is hanging wide open.
Matoya takes Fighter to a cupboard.
MatoyaHere it is, the legendary Armoire of Invincibility!
Fighter looks at the Armoire of Invincibility.
FighterWhat, you mean inside your cabinets there?
Fighter struggles to place the Armoire of Invincibility on his back.
FighterNot... exactly what I... had in mind... but invincibility... works in... mysterious... ways... urgh.
Black MageIt's be sad if it weren't so painful for him. Therefore, I laugh. Tee hee!


  • Armoire is French for cupboard.

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