8-Bit Theater
Episode 181
The "weird lookin'"
Monsters Are Weird Lookin'
Date Published Tuesday, August 6th, 2002
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"The fiction is stranger than truth" is what most say. They were proven wrong.


  • In a forest, on the way to Pravoka

Cast AppearingEdit


Black MageYou guys hear something creepy?
FighterYou mean those disgusting noises coming from the unidentifiable orifices of the freak being ahead?
Cut to a Creep.
CreepSplurt! Goowich! Yeargdribble!
Black MageI told you, you don't have to say "dun dun dun."
Red MageBut it feels so right...
Red MageThis may be a stupid question, but... Which way is it facing?
ThiefIs it looking at us? I think that's an eye.
Red MageNo, that's an eye. That thing's... I don't know what that thing is.
FighterSo heavy. Can't hold... much longer.
Red MageMaybe... I don't know any more. It looks like that eye has teeth.
Black MageLook, the important thing is that we're getting a chance at a preemptive strike. Let's kill it now.
FighterMighty muscles... Giving out...
Red MageBut what if it's a one of a kind creature?
Black MageThen we'll be doing the universe a favor.
Black MageFighter, make it bleed! Or if it doesn't do that, at least make it ooze fatally!
Fighter shakes as he makes the sounds "Quiver", "Shake", and "Weak" as his muscles are getting tired of carrying the Armoire of Invincibility. He then is crushed by the Armoire of Invincibility with a "Klong!".
Black MageNow that's a shame.
FighterHelp... me...

Trivia Edit

  • The Creep says "Gackt!" at one point. Gackt is the name of a Japanese rock artist, though his real name is "Kamui Gakuto." This may have been unintentional.

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