8-Bit Theater
Episode 183
How could we forget?
Look Who's Back
Date Published August 9, 2002
Previous Comic Episode 182: O' Fighter, Where Art Thou
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As our heroes are too busy bickering, we see two that are quite familiar.

Cast AppearingEdit


In a forest, on the way to Pravoka


Black MageI ain't touchin' it.
ThiefMe neither.
Red MageNo chance.
ThiefYou don't have to touch it to zap it with magic.
Black MageI'd have to look at it, and that's just as bad.
Meanwhile, not too far away...
White MageOh for the love of... We'll never save the world at this rate.
ThiefWhat? You can't tell me that the Creep is too gross just to look at it to cast a spell and make it dead!
Black MageYou want it blasted back to the 4-bit era. You do it.
Black BeltI don't know about that. It looks like they're going to take action!
ThiefMaybe I will.
Black MageFine. You do that.
ThiefOkay, I will.
Black MageGood.
Black BeltHey, at least they're not attacking each other now! I think that's a sign of some real progress.
White MageJust sneak over there and "take care" of that thing so they can get back to the mission.
Black BeltRight!
Black Belt is shown walking off in the wrong direction after he says "Right!".
Black BeltGrrr!
White MageBlack Belt, the monster is THIS way.
Black Belt is shown walking back in and towards the right direction two panels after White Mage says where the monster is.
Black BeltWell, obviously!
Two panels later, White Mage bangs her head against the tree Black Belt and White Mage were hiding behind with a "Bonk!".

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