8-Bit Theater
Episode 185
Episode 185
I think I'd want a new watch.
The Crossroads!
Date Published August 13, 2002
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Nooo!!! Black Belt's watch!

Cast AppearingEdit


  • In a forest, on the way to Pravoka


White MageCan't that idiot do anything right?
Black BeltBy Ryu's headband, this thing smells worse than it looks.
Black BeltDammit, I lost my watch.
Red MageWell, now that Black Belt's here, it's just a matter of time before that hideous beast monster is taken care of. Meanwhile, we should help Fighter.
Black Mage's conscience appears with a "BAMF!"
Black MageWhat the--Who're you?
Black Mage(Conscience) I'm that voice inside your head that tells you what to do!
Black MageYou mean hunger?
Red MageHow long do you think he's just going to stand there and stare at his shoes?
ThiefI say five minutes top.
Black Mage(Conscience) No, you moron! I'm one of those voices that tell you what to do at important moral crossroads.
Red MageI'm going with ten.
ThiefWanna make a bet?
Red MageYou're on.
Black MageIf I'm not hungry, why am I craving cheeseburgers right now?
Black Mage(Conscience) STOP THINKING ABOUT FOOD! A decision of dire import looms over you at this very moment.
White MageThis is not what I thought saving the world would be like.
Red MageC'mon big ten! No fiver, no fiver!
ThiefThiefy needs a new pair of elf shoes!
Black BeltI don't mind telling you, this thing really stinks.
FighterI don't mind telling you, this thing really hurts.

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