8-Bit Theater
Episode 195
Episode 195
dun dun dunnnn!
Textuality and Time
Date Published Monday, September 23rd, 2002
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The Light Warriors put another tent barracks up.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • In a forest, on the way to Pravoka


Twenty minutes later...
Fighter and Black Mage are standing beside a blue tent.
FighterSo why did we have to set up this other tent?
Black MageThe first one got... not good.
Nineteen minutes ago...
Red Mage is lying in a pool of blood. The green tent is also stained with blood. Black Mage walks out of the tent holding a bloody knife.
Black MageDoot doot doot, hey White Mage!
back to present time.
FighterOh yeah. But then she made you clean it...
Sixteen minutes ago...
Black Mage is inside the green tent scrubbing it clean.
Black MageStupid White Mage makin' me do stuff I don't wanna.
Back to present time. that can't be why we had to put up this tent.
Black MageLook! The point is is that we had to get a second tent up.
You don't have to worry about who propositioned who for hot mage love.
Ten minutes ago...
White MageNot even if it's the cure for cancer.
Black MageThere's only one way to find out!
White MageI'm going to have my own tent.
Black MageOnly one way, baby!
White MageMy own tent.
Back to present time.
FighterWell, I guess we oughta tell White Mage that her tent is finished and then retire to ours.
Black MageThat's a great idea if you can ignore the fact that our tent still reeks of industrial strength cleaners.
White MageWe could tell a story to pass the time until your tent de-stinkifies. It's a fun group activity.
You get a group together and each person makes up a part of the story.
We used to do it all the time at my temple.
Black MageWould that be before or after the nightly lingerie pillow fight?
Black Mage thinks of White Mage in her underwear.

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