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Episode 210
Episode 210
You can hang out with all the guys!
The Pillage People
Date Published Saturday October 2nd, 2002
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The Light Warriors spot the pirates

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Cliff overhanging Pravoka
  • Bikke's ship


Cut to the Light Warriors on a cliff near Pravoka. Red Mage is looking through a monocle.
Black MageSo? What do you guys see?
ThiefThere's only one ship at the docks.
It bears the mark of the rapscallions of the inner sea.
Red MageI count nine pirates aboard.
FighterThe nine of them vs. the five of us? I like those odds.
Black MageFighter, there's four of us.
FighterI like those odds.
Black MageOkay, so there's a bunch of pirates.
Bikke and nine pirates are shown.
Black MageAnd we're got to get at their big bad pirate captain so we can get that witch her crystal thingie back.
Red MageRight!
Red Mage draws his plan on the sand.
Red MageTherefore, what we must do is this.
We shall out flank and beguile them with the brilliant strategy I'm sketching into the sand at this moment.
It'll consist of a multi-pronged attack from all flanks, thus throwing them into a state of confusion and defeat.
It shall be remembered as the "Red Mage Manuever".
Black MageWhat are you talking about?!
They're a bunch of dorks on a boat.
I could probably nuke them from here with a well aimed Hadoken.
Those unlucky enough to survive the explosion would drown in the mangled wreckage of their ship.
Problem solved.
Back on Bikke's ship.
Bikke(to Garland) ...So the pirate says, "It's drivin' me nuts!" BWAHAHAHA!
Garland doesn't laugh. Bikke draws his sword at Garland again.
BikkeLaugh, damn ye! Don't ye know hilarity when ye sees it? Yar.
Garland "Ha". "Ha ha".


  • The title of the comic refers to the Village People, a disco group from the late 1970's.
  • In the original Final Fantasy, the Light Warriors indeed have to fight nine pirates at Pravoka.

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