8-Bit Theater
Episode 212
Episode 212
Wouldn't the villagers find that a bit suspicious Oh yeah, we're in Final Fantasy here
GTAFF: Pravoka City
Date Published Thursday October 7th, 2002
Previous Comic Episode 211: The Pillage Idiot
Next Comic Episode 213: Red Mage Has It Figured Out
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Thief does what he does best.

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Five minutes later...
Black Mage, Fighter and Red Mage are together.
Black MageWhere's Thief? He told us to split up and meet back here in five minutes.
He could at least obey his own inane orders.
Why did he insist that we separate anyway?
Cut to a top down view of Pravoka. Thief goes through and pillages all the buildings in Pravoka before meeting back with the other Light Warriors. A huge money bag is beside him, towering over all the Light Warriors.
ThiefSo, are you guys ready or what?
Black MageDidn't the pirates take everything already?
ThiefThey left everything that was nailed down. I did not.

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