8-Bit Theater
Episode 217
Episode 217
Fighter must be
Date Published Thursday October 21st, 2002
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As Bikke wonders how the Light Warriors defeated his crew, Fighter decides to take a swim.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Bikke's Pirate ship


BikkeHow could this have happened to me crew? Yar.
Garland I told you they were tricky. But did you listen? No.
"Nine vs. four? That's three to one in our favor. Yar."
Let me tell you, I find your math to be highly suspect.
Fighter and Black Mage climb up onto the deck.
FighterC'mon, BM!
Black MageTouch me and die.
BikkeBut how! Yar, how could these Light Warriors have defeated a full nine fierce pirates?
FighterOh, technically, Mr. Pirate Sir, we didn't really--

(out of frame) YAAAAAAA-Dangit, gotta make a climb check to get up there... blast it all! I failed! Must wait until next turn to retry with a frustration penalty!

FighterSo anyway, like I was sayin'...
What really defeated your band of pirates was, in fact-
Red Mage(out of frame) Ah-ha! Made it! Ahem. YAAAAAAAR! ... man, this ship is big...


Red Mage charges from the left and smacks into Fighter, who falls into the ocean with a SPLOOSH!
Red MageEr, what he was going to say is that we did, indeed, beat your stupid pirates and that we, therefore, deserve all the experience.
Black MageHeh. Looks like it's hard to swim with armor.
Black Mage looks at Fighter at the bottom of the ocean.
Black MageGive my regards to the bottom of the ocean, sinky!
Cut to Thief.
ThiefMeanwhile, I grow more rich on the tragedy of "nutinally" induced scurvy! They are... suckers!

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