8-Bit Theater
Episode 218
Episode 218
It took him 218 comics to realize it.
Foiled Again
Date Published Saturday October 23rd, 2002
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Bikke and Garland make a hasty retreat.

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Bikke and Garland made a daring escape to the Pravoka Docks.
BikkeSo why is it we ran like dogs? Yar.
Garland Are you mad?!
BikkeI'd say vexed. Yar.
Garland Those accursed Light Warriors defeated your entire pirate crew! Your vicious, vicious pirate crew!
BikkeAye, that be true, that be true.
But I wouldn't characterize me crew as being vicious per se. Yar.

At least, not since the scurvy took their strength away. Yar.

Garland What.
BikkeI can't afford real oranges, so they been eatin' cheetos for three, maybe four months now. Yar.
They be weak as kittens.
Garland But... what about the grueling henchman interview process? I hired you guys because a big mean villain like me has to be able to beat up his henchmen and your pirates were the only guys I could push around.
BikkeUnder normal circumstances, ye would've gone from living to meat in under five seconds. Yar.
Aye. That was the work o' the scurvy. Yar.
Garland So... I'm not a total bad ass fueled by relentless evil?
BikkeBy Neptune's beard, ye be only slightly less bad ass than kelp!
Garland sulks.
BikkeIf'n it be any consolation to ye, it is evil to beat up on people what is riddled with scurvy.
Garland Aww, shucks. You're just sayin' that to make me feel better.

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