8-Bit Theater
Episode 222
Episode 222
An Imminent Reunion
Date Published Saturday December 7th, 2002
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Fighter gets rescued.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Pravoka Docks
  • Underwater
  • 10,000 feet up in the air


Black Mage peers over the edge of the dock.
Black MageHeh heh, that armor finally came in handy.
Cut to underwater.
SwordopolisPrepare yourself, Fighter. I shall cut through reality as you know it and splice a new outcome.
One where, y'know, you don't drown.
Dr. Swordopolis slices through space-time.
SwordopolisThis will require a cut of the utmost precision. The margin of error could be best expressed as the width of a few atoms.
Cut back to the docks. Black Mage's speech has been turned back to front.
Black MageBack to front
Black MageHeh heh, that armor finally came in handy.
Cut to Fighter.
FighterHey, I'm not dead! Awesome!
Cut to Dr. Swordopolis.
SwordopolisAnother perfectly calculated space-time slice-n-splice. Now to get back to... wait a second.
I forgot to carry the two!
Fighter finds himself 10,000 feet up in the air.
FighterAnd I'm 10,000 feet up in the air.
Fighter begins falling.
FighterOh dang it.
Cut to the docks.
Black MageIt's been several minutes since the last tiny bubble has broken the surface. Ha!

Oh how sweet it is.
The only thing spoiling this perfect moment is that annoying sound from above that keeps getting louder.

Fighter appears in the panel, about to fall on top of Black Mage.
Black MageNo time to look in its direction though.
Too busy bein' happy.

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