8-Bit Theater
Episode 239
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Perhaps Elf Sight Ain't So Hot After All
Date Published Tuesday January 21st, 2003
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Legolas is kinda cute...

Cast Appearing Edit

Setting Edit

Script Edit

The Light Warriors are stood in Ye Ladyes Barrackes, still disguised as women.
ThiefI can't believe they fell for it.
Red MageI told you that my disguise skill would be handy.
Black MageThat one elf was lookin' at me kinda funny.
ThiefOh, yeah. Playing dress up was quick thinking, but I was actually referring to that.
The ship is shown to be stuck vertically through the roof of the building, with a poster covering the protruding part of the ship, declaring Legolas from Lord of the Rings to be Elf-teen Magazine Hunk-o-the-month.
Red MageI suppose it was a rather brilliant stroke of misdirection, if I do say so myself.
FighterHe is kinda cute though.
Black MageDammit, Fighter.

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