8-Bit Theater
Episode 247
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Early to Bed, Early to Destruction
Date Published Sunday February 8th, 2003
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The Light Warriors plan a great escape!

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And so, that morning...
Red MageI have formulated yet another brilliant scheme. Our escape will be a great success.
Red Mage shows the blueprints of his plan, which say: "Jail" "Action, Hijinx -> "Freedom!".
Red MageI admit that I haven't worked out every last detail, but I'm confident everything will work out for the best in the end.
Black MageOkay. Let's call that "Plan Stupid", in honor of its creator, Mr. Stupid.
Black Mage gets out some paper to write down his joke.
Black MageHeh, "Mr. Stupid". Man, where do I come up with 'em!
Red MageWell, I don't see your ingenious plot to free us.
Black MageYeah? Well you're about to see it so hard it'll make your eyes bleed, baby!
Black Mage charges up his Hadoken.
Black MageSee, if there's no jail, then we can't be stuck in it. Ha!
Red MageHm... you certainly make a compelling case.
Thief lunges into Black Mage
You'll destroy my ancestral home!
Thief...Er, is what those darn elves would say if you did that.
Yeah, that's what I meant.
Besides, BM, you don't want to use your Hadoken attack so soon.
Black MageYou don't know me very well, do you?
ThiefOkay, you shouldn't use your Hadoken so soon.

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