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Episode 293
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No Rest For The Warriors
Date Published Tuesday June 10th, 2003
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Thief has a cunning plan for survival.

Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageJust one more terror-stricken night and we can get back to finding Matoya's Crystal.
Black MageOf course, this does nothing to alleviate the horrors of day to day life.
ThiefOr the horrors of political treachery!
Black MageGet out of here, you masher!
ThiefA) I have important business to discuss with you.


B) The similarities between your robes, a dress, and bedclothes should worry you more than being seen in any of them.

Black MageI'll have you know that a Mage's robes--
ThiefTend to be better washed than yours?
Black MageI'll concede the point, but not the war.
ThiefMay I continue?
Black MageIf it'll get you outta here any faster, then yes.
ThiefChancellor Usurper has been screwing us all along. He had Dr. Malpractice keep my father incapacitated. He would've done the same to me, only I left Elf Land under cover of night before Usurper could take action. The only person who knew I'd gone was, surprise, Dr. Malpractice. He apparently kept my absence a secret so he could doublecross Usurper and me by keeping all the cash I was "acquiring" overseas for himself instead of using it to find a cure for my father since he was never genuinely ill. When we showed up it ruined Malpractice's plans, so he skipped town. Meanwhile, Usurper had tossed the Royal Crown of Royalty into Marsh Cave as insurance. Without the crown, there could be no royal king. And anyone foolhardy enough to actually go after the crown would surely die.
ThiefIt was the perfect plan and we ruined it.

We're now staying in Usurper's guest quarters.

Tonight will be his last chance to kill us before the ceremony. Ya wanna hear the plan and live through the night?

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