8-Bit Theater
Episode 401
More like greed battered in avarice.
And then wrapped with bacon.
Episode 401: Civility Before Hostility
Date Published Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
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Chili powder can be used on short-notice as a substitute for Sin when seasoning seared animal flesh.


  • In front of and inside the Von Vampire Residence

Cast AppearingEdit


Mrs. von Vampire(Close-up) Dinner's on boys. I made plenty for...


Mrs. von Vampire takes in the scene before her home: Vilbert is under the Armoire, a Hellmouth is gaping open filling the air with brimstone, and the Light Warriors are there.
Mrs. von Vampire(Off panel) I see my son has been beaten and stabbed to death with a large piece of furniture. Shucks.

And judging by the tattered rags over there, my husband appears to have fallen through a fissure in the earth.

FighterIt goes to the worst place in the world.
A photo of two very pale men in jeans and a dire need of shirts taking a stroll in the grass.
ManNo, even worse than Alabama, but thanks for askin'.
Mrs. von VampireWell, this horrible travesty could only be made worse by letting a delicious meatloaf dinner go to waste. Come on inside.

I'll alert the authorities so they can do something about the nasty hell-pothole you boys made.

The warriors and Mrs. von Vampire are sitting inside at the dining table.
Red MageThis meatloaf is great!

Aren't you glad you came back to the mortal realm so you could enjoy this stuff, BM?

Black MageWhen I was the Hell King, we'd feast on the souls of the gluttons.

It was like eating Murder marinated in Sin. It was bliss.

Mrs. von VampireWell, I like to put a touch of chili powder in the meat.
You know, to give it that extra little kick.
Black MageThat's... that's just super.
Meanwhile, just outside the Sulk has arrived for dinner with Vilbert's music albums in hand.
SulkSulk brought Cure albums back.
Police ChiefWhat have we here?
Police OfficerLook at those Cure albums.
No emotionally balanced, healthy person would listen to that. This is obviously our perp.
Police ChiefThat's enough evidence for me. Take him away boys!
Police Officer(aside) 'Boys', I'm the only one here. Ah, poor crazy chief.
Sulk(Being escorted offscreen) Sulk too pretty for jail!
Police Officer(raising his polearm) Quiet Jail-y.


The Sulk still hasn't given up on the Cure.

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