8-Bit Theater
Episode 410
He's helping!
A Friend in Need
Date Published Tuesday April 20th, 2004th, 2004
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Fighter's a great helper!

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Mountains near the Earth Cavern


Black MageWhy does my face feel like five miles of bad road?
FighterDunno, there aren't roads out here. Just mountain paths littered with many small, jagged rocks. Plus, we've only gone about three, four miles tops. You're way off.
Black MageYou're dragging me to the next town to take care of my wounds, aren't you?
FighterI'm a helper!
Black MageI know this wasn't your idea as it doesn't involve chaining two doctors together and wielding them at me until I'm cured.
FighterRed Mage said we could call it Plan B.
Black MageSo you're doing this at the behest of…
FighterThief, of course.
Black MageNaturally. Congratulations, you pointy-eared, monkey-fuggin', elven freak. You're at the top of my death list now! You wait until we get to the end of the trail of my BLOOD when I can make it official.
FighterDon't you worry, Black Mage. I'll do it for ya.
Black MageNo, touch nothing. These robes are booby trapped, you'll damn us all.
Shows picture of Black Mage's death list. Fighter is 1, followed by People Magazine, apples, Red Mage's hat, Akbar, and that guy.
Black MageLacking as I do in writing implements of any kind, I'll edit with my blade!
The Death List is destroyed.
Black MageMy list, my precious death list. You know I've got a memory like a thingy that lets water drain out of it while keeping back solids of appreciable size. I'll have to raze the earth to make sure I didn't skip anyone.
FighterI'm a helper!

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