8-Bit Theater
Episode 418
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A knife in my head, a knife in my head, a knife in my head.
Date Published Saturday May 8th, 2004
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There's a knife in Fighter's head! Again!

Cast AppearingEdit


  • In a package labeled in bold letters:
Light Warriors
Handle with Care


Black MageOh, what're you worried about? He'll be just fine.
FighterI dunno, BM. I've got a headache. From the stabbing.
Black MageAnd that's perfectly normal for having a 10 inch blade lodged in your skull.
Red MageIn that case, let's move out!
ThiefHold up, hold up.

We can't go into battle like this. Fighter needs to be healed up.
Red MageBut we dare not heal him without removing the blade.
Black MageBut we dare not remove the blade.
ThiefAnd why is that again?
Black MageCheck it.
He fiddles with the knife with a "Twang!"
FighterWhen Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yield!
Black MageThat's enough.
Black Mage moves the knife again. Fighter falls unconsciously with a "Thud!"
ThiefI see your point.
We'd be fools to throw that away.
We could sell tickets...
Red MageI think what Black Mage was demonstrating is the blade is too close to his brain to risk removing it.
Black MageHe'll do the Spiderman song if you go the other way.
ThiefRepeat customers!
Red MageIf only White Mage was here!
Black MageWhere'd she go, anyway?
White MageThey are going to go see Sarda if it's the last thing you do!
Black BeltSo heavy...

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