8-Bit Theater
Episode 420
Episode 0420
Rhetorical question.
Be Excellent to Each Other
Date Published Thursday May 13th, 2004
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One thing the Light Warriors aren't good at.

Cast AppearingEdit



The next day...
FighterGood morrow, gentlemen!
Black MageWhy aren't you brain dead yet?
FighterWhatever do you mean, oh cherished comrade?
Black MageYour brain was pierced with a sharp stabbing implement. I was going to add to it today so it wouldn't look like an accident.
FighterOh, yeah, that was yesterday. This is today. I slept, it's cool.
Black MageAnd?!
FighterAnd now I'm better.
Black MageWait, what? No. This conversation is over.
Black MageRM, explain to me what happened to his stab wound. Quickly. And in a way that won't result in your own mutilation.
Red MageThere is no denying the curative powers of a restful state.
There are some traditions that ascribe mystical properties to proper meditative--
Red Mage's hat is stabbed with several knives.
Black MageHokey religions and taking a nap are no match for a knife in the head.
Red MageMy hat...
ThiefThat's enough pointless banter for now. We've got a long journey ahead of us.
ThiefStrange things are afoot at the Circle Cave.

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