8-Bit Theater
Episode 436
Episode 436
They seem to have it down to a protocol.
Date Published Thursday July 1st, 2004
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The Light Warriors meet Ranger, and White Mage is implied to be a 'ho.

Cast AppearingEdit


A forest apparently near Gurgu Volcano


Red MageFighter, we've talked about this in the past.
Red MageWhen you hear words that don't come from outside, those are your thoughts, okay?
FighterBut these did come from outside!
Red MageOh. In that case, you're out of your gourd.
There is no one here.
RangerIsn't there?
Red MageWhat the?!
FighterTold you!
Ranger appears with a great, green TA-DA!
Red MageSuch an impressive display is indicative of a truly astronomical charisma score.
Must. Resist. First. Impression!
RangerWhat ho, and well met, fellow adventurers how--
FighterWhat 'ho where? You mean White Mage? She'll hit you for that.
RangerEr, no.
FighterGood. She's a healer, but she carries a huge damn hammer.
RangerPlease, good sirs, allow me to explain. I am--
ThiefUp the creek with a knife against your back.
FighterHim and Thief are friends.
Black MageSexual innuendo.
White MageIndignation.

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