8-Bit Theater
Episode 504
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Tis a Good Question
Date Published Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
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Bikke tries to ram the ship into icebergs, but Black Mage's paranoia saves their skins...

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Dark Warriors' galleon


Black MageWell, the poorly disguised Dark Warriors didn't kill us in our sleep.
At least we're one day closer to wherever the hell it is we're going.
BikkeYar, that LARP-lubbin' fruitcake's plan was full of rust holes.
Oh, sure, they'd be great for lettin' water ventilate out of ye sinkin' boat, but what do they do for ye victory over enemies?
Black MageGasp and surprise!
(more quietly) Although, really, not so much surprise, 'cause they're obvious.
BikkeBut now Bikke be on the case, yar,
Those blasted light Warriors won't be lasting long when I crashes us into that there iced-berg!
Black MageGasp and alarm!
Black Mage destroys the iceberg with a HADOKEN!
BikkeYar? Tis no matter, thar be many an iced-berg in these watery waters.
Black Mage destroys each consecutive one with a BOLT 3!, FIRE 3!, FLARE!, and METEO!
BikkeYar, must be exploding Tuesday. Thar be but one iced-berg left!
Black MageCrap, outta big spells.
This calls for some fast teleporty-stabbity action. I'll have to whittle the bastard down.
Black Mage teleports to the iceberg with a BAMF! and stabs the iceberg at high speed with a TINK TINK TINK TINK TINK TINK.
Black MageAlmost got it...there!
The iceberg explodes, sending him flying...
Black MageWhy would it explode?!

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