8-Bit Theater
Episode 506
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Date Published Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
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Black Mage's efforts to thwart the Dark Warriors' plans goes unnoticed by his teammates as they call him names behind his back...

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Dark Warriors' galleon


FighterDid Black Mage ever calm down?
ThiefI haven't heard him ranting in a while.
Red MageI would be a nice change of pace if he did something useful for a change.
Cut to Black Mage rapidly stabbing a giant octopus attacking the ship with a TINK TINK TINK TINK TINK TINK.
Black MageBack to the nameless depths with ye, oh formless one!
Red MageHe's probably in a corner somewhere mumbling to himself like a hobo.
Cut back to Black Mage, who continues to stab at the giant octopus.
Black MageGee, I hope my teammates don't show up. I'd hate to live through this.
Red MageWhat is all that racket any way?
ThiefWe totally should've voted for White Mage...

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