8-Bit Theater
Episode 510
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Geography Lesson
Date Published Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
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Black Mage tries to prove it to the team, but to no avail...

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Red MageI'm sorry, Black Mage, but you are obviously lying.
Black MageThere were giant monsters! I had to fight them myself!
I have the gaping, life-threatening wounds to prove it!
Red MageThat's ridiculous. Everyone knows you're weak and cowardly.
You'd never fight giant monsters all on your own.
Black MageOkay, yeah, that's a good point. But!
Black MageI couldn't help it!
We're on the open seas. The only place to run involves introducing gallons of salt water into my lungs!
My survival instinct kicked in! I'm as ashamed by my apparent courage as the rest of you.
FighterQuite unlikely
ThiefI find that hard to believe.
Red MageThen where's the evidence? If giant monsters have been slain, as you allege, slain, it stands to reason that they'd leave behind giant bodies.
Meanwhile, in the land of dwarves...
DwarfSir, the Bearded Coastal Reserves have reported between zero and three giant monster bodies washed up on our beards, er, shores.
Dwarf KingThat's quite distressing.
DwarfYes, your highness.
Dwarf KingPerhaps most worrying of all is that Dwarf Land is a landlocked nation made entirely out of mountains.
We are without shores.
DwarfThe news will simply ruin the coastal reserves.
I'll send the order to terminate their services post haste.
Dwarf KingOh, no time for that, I should think. Just have them murdered in front of their families and blame it on the elves.
Less paperwork that way.

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