8-Bit Theater
Episode 516
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Liberally Bleeding Heart
Date Published Thursday, February 17th, 2005
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Red Mages develops the idea of cold fusion, but the team thinks its stupid.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Unnamed tundra


Red MageI honestly wonder what you guys would do without me.
Black Mage(thinking) Enjoy life?
Red MageNot only did I devise a method to save our lives using the meager resources available...
But I was immediately able to adapt these plans to the temporary loss of Fighter.
FighterI think the cold has slowed the liberal flow of my blood.
Black MageYeah, it's also going to give us hypothermia unless Captain Big Mouth gets to the point.
Black MageOr do you plan to keep us alive by exposing us to your particular brand of hot air?
Black MageOh man, that's a classic.
I pity whomever I'm with the next time I'm freezing to death.
Black Mage scribbles his little quip on a piece of note paper.
Red MageWell--
Black MageWait!
He continues to scribble.
Black Mage"...of hot air." Okay, go on.
Red MageRight.
So, based on the principle of hot air being hot, as Black Mage alluded to, I took it upon myself to investigate the source of hot air as a concept.
Red MageLong, brilliant story of analytical genius short: Heat comes from energy. the greatest source of energy is fusion.
Red MageSo, in a stunning leap of mental power, I constructed our own fusion generator out of what I could find.
ThiefThere's nothing but ice for thousands and thousands of miles.
Red MageHow else do you propose to create cold fusion?

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