8-Bit Theater
Episode 528
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The Thing on the Edge of the Panel
Date Published Thursday, March 17, 2005
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The fact that Fighter, Thief, and Red Mage suddenly vanished must obviously mean something's wrong.

Cast AppearingEdit



Mrr'grt stands over the Pit of Doom (Watch your step!)
Mrr'grtLook upon our dark master from beyond the stars and know that your lives are nothing, Warriors of Light!
L'zlheI don't think they can hear you down there. The echo is pretty bad.
Mrr'grtBet I could spit on one.
ThiefBattle positions, go!
The team drew their weapons, except Black Mage, who was throwing up...
Black MageAh, man. I've got, ugh, y'know when you're going to throw up and your mouth gets watery. I've got that now.
ThiefIt's here! It's... the worst thing imaginable. I know that all my life has been a waste.
Red MageThief?! Thief!
Thief vanishes...
Red MageOkay, don't panic, what is this thing?

It's taking apart my mind at a conceptual level.

There's no limit to its nothingness.

I can't... there's no stats for it.
Red MageFighter, don't look at it!
Red Mage(fading) So beautiful... they should have sent a bard...
Red Mage vanishes...
FighterDon't look at what?
Fighter vanishes...
Black MageOkay, I think it passed.

Urgh, I swear I could taste it there for a second. Ugh!

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