8-Bit Theater
Episode 535
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Something for Everyone
Date Published Friday, April 1, 2005
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The Light Warriors escape the infinity and massacre the Cultists.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • Ice Cave, and inside infinite nothingness.


Mrr'grtOkay, is everyone here?

Are we ready to make this happen?

I don't want to find out half way through this thing that one of you guys couldn't be bothered to learn his incomprehensible lines.

We screw this up and all the other crazy doom cults will be laughing at us.
The Cultists stand around Mrr'grt as he stands before the eye-stalk.
Mrr'grtLet us begin.
Back in the infinite nothingness...
Red MageWe're in position? Good.

On my mark, everyone retroactively engage Plan: Omega to Alpha.

The eye-stalk's eye glows brightly.
Mrr'grtIt's working! We will breach the boundaries of all that is eternal nothing!
With a flash, the Light Warriors come out, and the eye-stalk is gone.
FighterCheck it out, we're all alive and stuff.
Red MageTold you it'd work.
Black MageThose jerk cultists are still here, but where'd ol' chuckles get to?
Mrr'grtWhy aren't you killing them yet?!
Red MageFound 'im.
Black Mage(brandishing his daggers behind a blood-splattered screen) You heard the man.

The half-man, thing.


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