8-Bit Theater
Episode 546
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Mysteries of the Sea
Date Published Thursday, April 28, 2005
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One word: Gross.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • The Real Light Warriors' Boat


Not long ago...
Drizz'l(getting out of the crate) Get me out of that stinkbox.
BikkeYar, that do be amongst the least offensive musks I've experienced in me long piratey career.
Drizz'lThat's not something you need to be telling us.
VilbertWhat manner of hell have you seen, Bikke?
BikkeAll sorts. But mostly the variety what don't be keen on personal hygiene.
GarlandWe're alive!
Drizz'lYeah, no thanks to you.
GarlandBut double super extra thanks to my cold fusion drive that kept us warm during our long, grueling, stench-filled trip.
Drizz'lThat's why I said no thanks to you!

It was a giant block of ice that made a trip through arctic waters even colder and made a cramped box with three guys who hadn't taken a shower in weeks all the more unbearably cramped.

I still don't know how we went to the bathroom.
Bikke(taking out his cutlass) Ye don't be ready for the ultimate secrets of the sea!
The three stare at Bikke...
Drizz'lDo you guys find that confusing or alarming?
GarlandDouble yes.
Bikke'Tis worse when ye know the secret.

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