8-Bit Theater
Episode 551
Episode 551
No, more like what you'd expect from the Wolverine movie.
So Close and yet so Far
Date Published Tuesday, May 10, 2005
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You guys are so...very...dead...

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GarlandWhat kind of tactics do you tend to employ?
FighterOh, we usually murder our way to the top and claim victory whilst astride a pile of mangled bodies.
GarlandI see...
FighterBut we're heroes so it's okay when we do that.
GarlandNow, this killing, would you characterize it as precise or strategic?
FighterIt's kinda indiscriminate, really.
Drizz'lGarland, we've been at this for hours. The humans are clearly too stupid to devise names for their cities or to speak their own language.
Garland(while Fighter gets pulled up) I'll be with you guys in just a moment.
Garland(turning to notice Fighter has gone) Well, poo.
And so, at Circle Cave...
SardaI sensed your return from the arctic wastes, and summoned you to my side once more.
SardaYours has been a perilous and confusing trek.
Have you questions for the great sage?
Black MageYeah, Sarda?
Black Mage here.

Since you can do what you just did, why didn't you take us from the arctic when it was going to kill us by starvation, hypothermia, dimensional rift, and exposure all at once?
SardaThe time for questions has passed.
I trust you secured the precious cold fusion reactor.

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