8-Bit Theater
Episode 552
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Tis a fine vessel
Date Published Thursday, May 12, 2005
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How does anyone get around the world with such transportations anyway?

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Red MageI told you it would work!
I told you, I told you, I told you!
I built it out of a giant block of ice. The theory was sound!
SardaBlock of ice? No, I'm afraid that is incredibly stupid.
The Cold Fusion Generator was an artifact from a long forgotten golden age.
It was buried under the ice. You needed it to power the Space Helicopter.
ThiefBut how would a helicopter work in space anyway?
SardaThe blades have to be made out of absolute zero created from the frozen heat of a cold fusion...Y'know what, forget it.
You screwed up, so it doesn't matter.
FighterWell, now what?
SardaNow you don't attack things from orbit with the arsenal of heaven.
Red MageAww man!
Heaven's got the best weapons.
FighterHow are we supposed to get around without an airship or space helicopter?
Those are probably the only means of transportation other than the land-based submarine.
CaptainDive, dive!
CrewmanCaptain? I'd like to remind you, again, that we are on land.
The Captain shoots the crewman with his pistol.
CaptainThat's how we deal with mutiny on the landsub, crew.
SardaI'm too busy screwing with casuality to chauffer you guys around, but I can do something for you...

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