8-Bit Theater
Episode 559
Episode 559
Of course Red Mage would suffer from that.
Date Published Saturday, June 4, 2005
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Black Mage becomes increasingly paranoid, as usual...

Cast AppearingEdit



Red MageUrgh.
What happened? It feels like I've suffered blunt trauma to the head.
Black MageNo one cracked your skull with a huge book if that's what you're asking me.
ThiefWhat Black Mage meant to say was that you single-handedly fought an ambush of...uh...
Black MageBad guys.
Yeah, "Bad guys."
Red MageI don't remember doing it.
ThiefExperience overload.
Black MageRight!
You let out a barbaric howl of "ding" while the blood of your foes was still splattered across your face and steaming. Er, and then you fainted.
Red MageWell, that sounds like me.
But that doesn't explain why we're flying now.
Thief(readying another blow) That's a funny story.
Sarda(via radio) Light Warriors! Light Warriors! This is Sarda.
Black MageThere is no escape!
He surveys the width and breadth of creation with his all-seeing eyes!
Even now, he projects his consciousness into our puny minds!
SardaIt's called "a radio."

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