8-Bit Theater
Episode 560
Episode 560
What a deal!
Date Published Tuesday, June 7, 2005
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Hold up. An elf who doesn't believe in dragons? There's obviously something wrong with that...

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SardaYou must now travel to the Isles of Cardia.
Red MageWait, wait, wait. Hold the phone.
Red MageWhatever.
Cardia is a den of dragons.
ThiefI don't believe in dragons. They're nothing more than the externalization of society's fears.
These phantoms are nothing but a way for unjust rulers to turn a population against its own interests.
To convince them their safety against nonexistent threats is a greater concern than their liberty. It works in Elf Land.
Black MageBut you've seen dragons. One made out of fire ate Red Mage.
ThiefYeah, other than the real ones, I don't believe in dragons.
Red MageStill, Black Mage raises an excellent point. We're edible.
That's pretty rotten motivation for us to go there.
SardaI could say it's your destiny. That the fate of the world is written with your every deed.
Or I could inform you that the ship is on autopilot and I'll fill your lungs with taffy if you mess with it.
ThiefWell, if you're going to put it that way.
Red MageHe has a way with words.
Black MageI always wanted to die in Cardia.
Fighter(staring at a shiny red button, with AUTOPILOT SHUT OFF VALVE (button)) You know what I heard? Free taffy!

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