8-Bit Theater
Episode 566
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Date Published Tuesday, June 21, 2005
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Fake echoing is awesome!

Cast AppearingEdit



Red MageAre you okay?
Black MageYeah. I landed on something soft and Red Mage-shaped.
I think it was a pillow.
Red MageYou're standing on my kidneys.
Black MageOh, hey.
That would explain why you shrieked in pain when I landed on that pillow.
And why it was filled with bones.
Red MageIt's fine. Let's just say I "forgot" to record the damage.
Black MageAnd that works?
Red Mage(with his head on backwards) The theory is sound.
Black Mage stares at him...
Black MageShould your neck be twisted around quite that much?
Red MageI said the theory was sound. I didn't say it was a good theory.
Fighter(fake echoing throughout) Black Mage!
Black MageFighter?
Is that you?
FighterNo, I am totally some other dude.
FighterBut this Fighter sounds really cool.
FighterAnd probably handsome, like really handsome.
FighterI bet he's smart as a sword--that's twice as smart as a whip, by the way.
Black MageYou know we can see you from here.

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