8-Bit Theater
Episode 576
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Racial Violence
Date Published Thursday, July 14, 2005
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Karma comes to bite Thief in the ass.

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ThiefSee! Judging by his rank odor, crude appearance, and the fact that he's a filthy dwarf, this man is a hobo.

Much like the "dragon" you met earlier, you rubes.
Dragon-The Gub'ment stoled m'teefs!
ThiefGive him some change so he'll wander off and stink up someone else's personal space.
Berserker(raging) RARGH!
Thief(offscreen throughout) Oh, ye gods!
My flesh! My beautiful, elven flesh! Please help!
ThiefIf not for me, then for a payment of several Gil. Each!
FighterI think he wants our help.
Thief(throughout) Yeeeargh! Why aren't they doing anything to help me?! For the love of all that can be bought, do something! He's choking me with my own intestines! Ghak, Glbrle--Please, stop babbling and fight him.
Black MageNo, this is one of those situations where you don't want to get involved.
Black MageThere's a name for things like that...
Red Mage"Helping"?
Black MageThat's the one!
FighterHe's our leader.
Black MageHey, better him than us.
Red MageBut you've got to figure a hobo as violent as this one won't stop at Thief.
Ranger(offscreen) I say, what ho, there?

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