8-Bit Theater
Episode 579
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Little Miracles
Date Published Thursday, July 21, 2005
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When a Snake dies, do we scream out "SNAAAAAKE!"?

Cast AppearingEdit



Red MageBut I don't want to talk to him.
Black MageThe things about that is I don't care.
Red MageFighter could--
Fighter(beside a "dancing" Thing) When The Thing dances, is it called the Thingamajig?
Red MageYou could talk to him.
Black Mage(leaving) No, I'll be too busy with not being anywhere near the guy.
Red MageBut his veins are filled with with rage and his bones are made out of calcium and murder.
Red MageHe's a dangerous psycho who should--
Red MageOkay.
RangerGreetings, gentle sir!
Black MageYeah, yeah. Totally greetings.
RangerDo not worry about your bosom chum. Cleric is a miracle worker. Literally!
RangerSee, because Cleric works with the gods.
So, y'know, miracles.
Black MageYes, I'm sure that was hilarious.
Black MageWhat god does he worship? If it happens to be atrociously evil, I could probably help out.
(his eyes sparkle ominously) And by "help out" I mean sacrifice him to gain favor with my Dark Lord.
RangerCleric is strictly freelance.
Black MageFreelance?
ClericOkay, I've shopped around.
ClericThe Trickster God took a peculiar interest in this case and has offered his services free of charge.
RangerWhat luck! That's wonderful, Cleric.
ClericOh, yes. He was all smiles.
Black MageYou know what it is that Trickster Gods do, right?
ClericI don't know, keep promises?

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