8-Bit Theater
Episode 588
Episode 0588
Setting new standards of gullibility for this webcomic.
On The Other Side
Date Published Thursday, August 18, 2005
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Oh those Light Warriors, up to their silly antics as usual...and the Other Warriors are gullible too.

Cast AppearingEdit



RangerSirs and gentlemen.
I have gathered you here to discuss our sister group, the Warriors of Light.
BerserkerI say, point of order,
RangerThe chair recognizes Berserker.
BerserkerIsn't the term "sister group" a bit...odd?
RangerWell, that's what I thought, but...
A while ago...
Red Mage...Could say we're your sister group...
Red Mage...A kind of sister group...
Red Mage...warrior solidarity for my sisters. We're like Amazons that way.
Red Mage(in a disco, singing and dancing) Sisters are doin' it for themselves!
RangerIn any case, I asked the Light Warriors why they set us 'gainst each other.
Red MageAliens.
ThiefGhost aliens.
Red MageWho possessed us.
ThiefFrom space!
RogueI didn't know there were alien ghosts.
ClericBut if they possessed people, I bet they'd do so from space.
Their story checks out.

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