8-Bit Theater
Episode 602
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At least the air isn't acid
Date Published Thursday, September 22, 2005
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Mythical creatures and monsters are weird in many inconceivable ways...

Cast AppearingEdit


  • A desert


FighterAre we there yet?
Red MageNo.

First we have to go through a forest of doom, and then a desert of despair, and then a swamp of death.
Only then will the Castle of Ordeals show itself to us.
FighterOh, that doesn't sound so bad.
Black MageIt's a journey of a hundred miles, on foot, through lands infested with man-eating monsters the likes of which the mind can't comprehend.
Black MageSo please tell me how could it be worse?
FighterWe could be on fire.
Black MageOn fire...
ThiefOr drowning.
FighterOr drowning in fire.
Red MageOr eaten by a giant worm-golem made from the unliving flesh of a thousand aborted fetuses!
ThiefWhere would you get an idea like that?
Red MageOver there.
Said creature gives out a SKREEE! The party gets engulfed in flame.
FighterCan't breathe!
Red MageFlames... drowning.
Black MageWell this is just stupid.

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