8-Bit Theater
Episode 604
Episode 604
Well, get used to it!
Red Mage's Lament
Date Published Tuesday, September 27, 2005
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Fighter seems interested in dusty old columns...

Cast AppearingEdit



Black MageWhat can we expect to find here?
Red MageAn assortment of horrors that'll peel back the thin sheet of sanity coating your brain that separates this world from the other and leave you babbling and empty.
Black MageSo same crap, different day?
Red MageI like my way better
ThiefThis is a terrible location for a radio repair store.

I mean, the customer base is already prohibitively small. Setting up shop way out here in the wilderness from hell isn't going to get you much foot traffic.

Black MageI am beginning to suspect that the crazy old man may have been lying. Or crazy.
Red MageWe should stick together, there's no telling what aberrations lurk these twisted hallways.
ThiefProbably more ham radio enthusiasts like the one who sent us here.
Red MageAll the more reason to be on our guard.
Red MageDon't touch anything or do anything. One of those weasly sons of bitches could be anywhere.
Fighter(in background) Guys, check it out!

A dusty old column! I'm gonna touch it!

Everybody disappears, save Red Mage.
Red MageNo one ever listens to the genius.

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