8-Bit Theater
Episode 608
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Teleporting never screws anyone
Date Published Thursday, October 6, 2005
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Thief never gets to encounter his Ordeal.

Cast AppearingEdit



Thief(comes across a large chest) This is obviously the best castle ever.
Censored acts of vandalism!
GreedIs not a man judged by his actions? Thus you have shown that greed is your undoing, and so the ordeal of Avarice is upon you!
Thief gets teleported nearby the "sentient door". He gets up and scratches his head.
ThiefSo. Did I win?
FighterThis column is officially tapped out. Get it? Of course I do, I'm me!
Fighter(leaves) Man, I have got to share this great joke with the guys.
Cut to Black Mage this time...
Black MageAt last! That hell-door is vanquished and I'm safe. Safe forever.
Cut to Red Mage...
Red MageAm I pulling the lever, or is the lever pulling me?
Red MageIs there, dare I to think it, any difference at all?
Red MageAm I not pulling the very lever of my eternal soul?
Red MageWhy did I not see the double entendre in that until now?
And why am I talking like this with my arms up in the air?

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