8-Bit Theater
Episode 615
Cue Aerith's Theme
The Other Final Solution
Date Published Saturday, October 22, 2005
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Didn't think BM would actually stab himself.

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WrathHey, here's a question.
I feel a complete contempt for everything and the overriding need to burn the world. Is that normal?
Black MageAre you filled with regret that, eventually, there won't be more world to burn?
WrathIn the back, yeah.
Black MageThat sounds like my atrocities, all right.
Perfectly normal.
WrathMoral quandaries have lost all meaning; the complexities of life have simple, violent answers; I have to admit, it's liberating.
Black MageYou know I've never been faced with the sheer scale of the horror I've brought into being.
It puts things in perspective.
WrathI know what you mean.
The wants, needs, and rights of others no longer make sense.
Black MageIf you are my evil made real, then defeating you would be a self-exorcism. I'd be cleansed.
WrathThat's the idea.
Black Mage thinks...
Black MageThen I know what I must do.
WrathI can't help but think that indiscriminate murder is the only viable solution here.
Black Mage stabs himself and falls.
WrathThat's not what I meant.