8-Bit Theater
Episode 619
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Date Published Tuesday, November 1, 2005
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Back at the warmongering, idiot nation of Corneria...

Cast AppearingEdit



King Steve(leaping in the air) Sara! Sara, dear! I've invented something again!
SaraWhat is it, dad?
King SteveAs you know, I'm the world's foremost inventor, having invented inventing three years ago.
SaraOkay, sure.
King SteveToday I invented a new holiday.
Sara(narrows eyes) I see...

Don't tell me.

It involves costumes and the acquisition of candies.
King SteveThat sounds remarkably like Halloween, Sara.
That was yesterday's invention.
SaraAh yes. How silly of me.
King SteveNow, this new holiday involves dressing up, and going to your neighbors', and demanding goods.
King SteveOnly there's just the one costume: a Cornerian soldier.
King SteveAnd we send about thirty thousand of them to our neighboring countries.
King SteveAnd there are no tricks or treats, just rape and murder.
In the <ahem>... "battlefield"...
Soldier AI just wish there were some girls in this army.
Soldier B(raping an elf) Orders are orders, soldier!

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